About Brad

Brad Kraut is currently a Senior at Penn State University majoring in Public Relations graduating in May, 2023. When Brad first got to Penn State as a freshman in 2019, he knew he had an opportunity to make a name for himself by attending a school with 40,000+ students.

In 2019, Brad became the Marketing Director for a Penn State start-up “JERPA”, a clothing brand which created the first ever sherpa-lined jeans. Immediately, Brad became extremely passionate about the product. Brad knew exactly the right way to get the hype spread around campus, get it in the most influential peoples hands! He then started giving out products to athletes to promote on their socials. With Brad’s help, Jerpa has sold over $185,000 in merchandise and is now in retail stores in downtown State College such as Family ClothesLine.

Through his experience with JERPA, Brad landed an internship with a premium clothing brand “Cuts Clothing” as their College Athlete Relations in 2021. In this role, Brad was responsible for scouting elite college athletes. He would then send these athletes products and come up with marketing strategies to help spread awareness about Cuts on college campuses. From this internship, Brad also created a “Cutsatheletes” Instagram page to highlight all of the athletes they were working with including the 8 collegiate athletes that he managed to ensure that they were hitting their deliverables each month.

 After this successful internship with Cuts, Brad was approached by Penn State Quarterback Sean Clifford to help assist him in building a NIL Sports Marketing Agency, Limitless NIL. At Limitless, Brad was in charge of brand partnerships with their athletes and involved in the execution of the campaigns their athletes were involved in. Through this partnership Brad gained great experience building relationships with brands and athletes along with perfecting his negotiation skills when speaking with brands.

Brad’s past experiences have led him to find his voice and his way to make a name for himself. Working so closely with college athletes and continuously seeing them put their all into their day deeply impacted Brad’s newest endeavor. Through TikTok and Instagram, Brad has started a revolutionary movement called “Kick The Sheets”.

When you think about the average college or high school student, when they wake up in the morning, they go on their phones, scroll through social media, and contemplate if they should get out of bed, or snooze their alarm clocks. With Kick The Sheets, you do not look at your phone first thing in the morning but you physically kick your bed sheets off of your bed, get up and start doing some kind of activity whether it be jumping jacks, high knees, jogging in place or push-ups to set the tone for the day!

Today, Kick The Sheets is inspiring and motivating millions of people to wake up everyday with a purpose to win the day.

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