Brad's Weapon Juice (Dialed Pre-Workout)
Brad's Weapon Juice (Dialed Pre-Workout)
Brad's Weapon Juice (Dialed Pre-Workout)

Brad's Weapon Juice (Dialed Pre-Workout)


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Why Choose Dialed?

Simply put, DIALED is the best everyday pre-workout for multiple reasons!

Our nootropic loaded focus complex was developed to get you locked into your workout, limiting distraction and allowing you to tap into a tunnel VZN mindset.

DIALED provides clean, non-crashing, non-tinglying energy you can enjoy throughout the day. With zero banned substances and no artificial flavorings/colorings, you can be confident in your mental and physical health.

Ingredient Complexes

- One full gram of L-Tyrosine which helps the cognitive system of the body, while also promoting epinephrine and dopamine release.

- Potent nootropics such as alpha GPC, lions mane, Bacopa, and Huperzine.

- 7g's of L-Citrulline which converts to Arginine when ingested to promote Nitric Oxide production, thus creating a crazy pump through vasodilation and enhanced bloodflow.
- Betaine Anhydrous at an efficacious dose of 2.5g and 50mg of the patented ingredient S7 which has shown to boost the body’s nitric oxide level by 230%

- 300mg of total caffeine coming from 2 delayed release sources

- L-theanine to smooth the energy absorption .

Why is there no Beta-Alanine?

DIALED Pre-Workout is a smooth energy formula without the tingles and itching that Beta-Alanine causes.


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